Wilshire Huskies
(Wilshire Youth Athletic Club of Los Angeles, Inc. - Established 1977)

1636 So. Stanley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019-3850
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The Wilshire Youth Athletic Club (WYAC) was founded in March 1977 as a non-profit corporation under federal guidelines 501(c)3, to sponsor supervised activities for disadvantage youth in the Los Angeles surrounding areas. The Club's mission is to divert youth from negative activities to positive activities and healthy influences.  Wilshire goal is to teach the youth the fundamentals of the sports, sportsmanship, the ability to follow instructions and interact with others, as well as, the ability to build strong personal characteristics.  All football players and cheerleaders are also given an opportunity to participate in our scholastic program.

The Wilshire Huskies provide competition in tackle football for youth ages 8-14 (placement on teams will be according to your child's age as of August 1, 2015) and cheerleading ages 5-13 (mascots ages 5).


Wilshire joined the King Football Conference their first season (1977) and played under their umbrella through the 1998 season.  Our original team divisions and names were: Tiny Mite-Wildcats, Mity Mite-Youngbloods, Pee Wee-Athletes, Midget-Cobras and Jr. Bantam-Saints. 

In 1999, the Club joined the Valley Youth Conference.  In 2000, we changed our team names to Huskies.  The Club has five (5) team divisions: Senior Clinic (ages 7-8); Gremlin (ages 8-10); Tiny Mites (ages 9-11); Mity Mites ( ages 9-12); and Pee Wee (ages 10-13).  

As part of the Valley Youth Conference, we engage in friendly competition with other self-supporting clubs in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.



The Wilshire Huskies organization stresses a balance between athletics and education. Each year, football players and cheerleaders have the opportunity to participate in our Scholastic Award program. Scholastic Award letters are given to each participant to have their grades verified by their school.  If the participant's grades are a B+ grade point average or higher, during the first reporting period of the school term, the participant will receive recognition at the football season award celebration. 

The Wilshire Huskies organization is dedicated to providing an exciting, safe and educational experience for all its members.

More Facts

·        The Wilshire Huskies uphold the motto: Respect All, Fear None.

The organization encourages friendly completion with other self-supporting
          football clubs in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

The Wilshire Huskies is targeted to young boys and girls who are interested in
          building athletic and social abilities.

The Wilshire Huskies provide competition in tackle football (ages 8-14) and cheerleading

Wilshire Huskies teams can have a maximum of 33 football players per team.

In order to practice and play on a team, all football players must obtain a
         physical from their physician within six months of the first day of practice every year, 
         stating they are in good health to participate.

·        All cheerleaders must have a physical or present a waiver from their physician,
         stating they are in good health to participate.

During the first six weeks, practices are held two hours per day, five days a week.

After Labor Day, practices are held two hours per day on Tuesdays,
         Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Weekly games are played on Saturdays and some Sundays.

Game times usually start with the Sr. Clinic division beginning at 10:00 a.m. or
         11:00 a.m. with all other divisions following at a two-hour increment. 

Non-profit Organization under Federal code 501 (c)(3)